About Us:
Master Mix Academy (MMA) is a non-profit organization that specializes, in educating children and young adults with disabilities, on the true art form of DJ performing arts, through the use of past and present technology. Master Mix Academy is a new innovative music program that provide individuals of all ages, the opportunity to experience, the motor activities of the Disc Jockey's Art form. Master Mix Academy does offer mobile workshop seminars, for all programs, to your organization or educational institution.

                                   Programs and Services


DJ Science:
Master Mix Academy offers a unique program called DJ Science. DJ science program was designed to educate children and young adult on DJ performing arts, Music Production, and audio engineering, in relationship to S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) occupations, in the music industry. DJ Science program will allow participants to explore the Science behind Music, and its impact on the community.

Camp DJ

Master Mix academy offers a 4 week DJ Camp, for children and young adults, ages 8 to 18. Camp DJ will allow children, to learn the true art form of a professional DJ. Camp participants will learn the art form of DJing, with traditional analog vinyl and the latest digital software equipment.

Adult DJ Workshops

Master Mix Academy offers DJ workshop seminars to adults, on weekends and evenings. MMA adult DJ programs offer a variety of intro and advance DJ workshops.  Private lessons are available, by appointment only.

Remix and Music Production

Master Mix Academy offers a variety of remix and music production workshops. The Music Production workshop will allow participants, to learn the basic fundamentals of music theory and music struture development, on the latest production software. The Remix workshop will allow participants to experience manipulating music, with the latest music editing software.

Master Mix Academy Partners
  • City of Chicago Office of Tourism
  • Museum of Science and Industry Chicago
  • Department of Human Services (ICRE)
  • De2femme (S.T.E.M. program)








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