DJ Science


DJ Science
Master Mix Academy offers a unique music educational workshop called DJ SCience.  Science is an important aspect of music and DJ performing arts.  The
DJ science program was designed to educate children and young adults on DJ performing arts, Music Production, and audio engineering, in relationship to S.T.E.M. occupations (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), in the music industry. Also, DJ science will allow participants to be creative, with understanding the realtionship between Science, Sound, and DJ performing arts.  The DJ Science program will allow participants to explore the Science behind the sound of Music and its impact, on the community.


The DJ Science workshop provides educational input, on different aspects of Science, in relationship to DJ performing Arts and Music Production activities.  The following topics are covered, in the DJ Science Workshop.

1.  Sound Travel (Sound Waves)
2.  Liquid Audio Experiments
3.  Digital and Analog Sound
4.  Sound Reflection and Perception
5.  Music and Emotions (psychological Aspects)
6.  Sound Equipment Technology  (Turntables/Speakers)
7.  D.A.W. Digital Audio Workstations
8.  Audio Engineering
9.  Sound Frequency
10. The Brain's Relationship to Rhythm





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