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Camp DJ is a fun DJ program, for children and Young adults ages 8- 18. Camp DJ is great, for after school and summer program activities. The CAMP DJ workshop is a 4 week program, once per week. Camp DJ does offer optional 1, 2, and 3 week DJ workshops, to CAMP participants, at a lower rate. CAMP DJ has a Variety of Intro to DJIng Courses, during the 4 week process. Also, Master Mix Academy provides mobile Camp DJ services to educational institutions; park Districts, afterschool programs and other recreational programs. All Camp DJ participants will receive a Master Mix Academy t-shirt. Also, CAMP DJ provides a variety of discounted group rates. The following is a brief description of the workshops offered, for the Camp DJ Youth program.

Intro to DJ 100:

The History and Definition of a Disc Jockey:  All participants will have a brief seminar on the history and understanding of DJing, as an art form.

Learning the Equipment:  Participants will learn all the functions of MP3/MP4 CD players, Technique 1200 turntable, mixer, midi DJ software interfaces and DJ controllers.

Basic Essentials to DJ 101:

Camp DJ participants will get hands on experience with learning the basic essentials to DJing, with CD players and standard turntables.


DJ 101 course includes the following:

Cueing:  The process used by DJs to lock beats from 2 different tracks.  It is similar to the process of changing sample rate, in the digital domain or time. Cueing is an extremely important process with learning to mix.

Beat Matching and BPMs:  BPMs are extremely important with beat matching and understanding sound tempo.  It is very important to make sure that the beats match you track tempo.   Sound Tempo is determined, through BPMs.

Blending:  Combining 2 tracks together using the cueing and beat mixing process which creates a unified music transition.

Intro to DJ Digital Controller and Interfaces 120: 

Camp DJ Participants will learn the basic essentials to using a Digital DJ Controller with software interfaces.   Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to DJ with Digital Controllers, such as the Numark Mix Track.  Also, Camp DJ participants will learn to basic essentials to using a variety of software interfaces with Digital DJ controller.  (Virtual DJ/ Tracktor Pro)


Intro to Video DJing 135:

Camp DJ participants will learn the essentials to video interactive DJing.    Video mixing consist of mixing audio outputs with video images, on an interactive interface software. (Virtual DJ/ Tracktor)


All Camp DJ participants will receive a Master Mix Academy t-shirt.   Also, CAMP DJ provides a variety of discounted group rates.


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